How do I get more points?


How do I get more points?

The more you use whatsmob, the greater the chance you have to earn more points and therefore you will be able to reach the top

of the leaderboard chart.

Daily Reward

Each day, whatsmob rewards players 100 points! Be sure to come back every day to collect this reward!

Share whatsmob!

For every time you share a content with your friends you will get 50 points. Keep sharing whatsmob content, and scale up through the leaderboard!

Be Social!

Whatsmob encourages you to not be shy and interact with the amazing community of users. You will get points whenever you add a new friend and when you send chat messages.

Your opinion matters!

Your opinion matters. We know this and that’s why we reward you with extra points for every time you leave a review or add a rating to any of the whatsmob content.

Become an expert of whatsmob!

The more you use the whatsmob content, the more points you get. Watch movies, play games, complete courses… Not only will you have fun, but it will also allow you to earn great badges and reach higher levels!